All About Tiny Tots

When I decided to open my own groom shop I knew right away that I wanted it to be what I would want in a salon that I would go to for myself.  I wanted an environment that my clients could feel safe and relaxed in when dropping off their pets.  With the help of my wonderful husband, he helped me to create just such an environment. Since opening my shop in 2017 my business has grown and so has our adventure! While I have absolutely loved my tiny shop in El Dorado Hills, it was time for the Tiny Tots family to move to a more zen-ful location in the mountains which meant saying goodbye to the original TTDG shop at my home!

Tiny Tots Dog Grooming... Mobile!

 It is my goal to recreate the loving peaceful environment of the shop in my grooming trailer so that the dogs will sense and be more relaxed for their groom.  I've heard so many clients express anxiety over leaving their loved ones in busier shops because of the noise level, so here at Tiny Tots Dog Grooming, my goal is to have the best environment for your pet so you feel confident they feel good and are well taken care of while they are in my care.  This is why all services are by appointment only, one family at a time, to keep stress at a minimum.  


With this knowledge, I try to service a great many dogs from pups to seniors as well as the ones that aren't fans of being groomed.  However, I do reserve the right to not groom an elderly pet that is excessively weak or their health is so bad that requires a vet grooming for safety, or an overly aggressive dog. If your dog requires muzzling, services will be stopped and the parent called for immediate pick up.  This is not only for my safety but for the safety of your loved one.


I love dogs, I love my job, and I always love on my furry clients! 

*Due to the size of my tub and table in my grooming trailer, I can only accommodate dogs under 25 pounds*

**Some exceptions for slightly heavier dogs are made based on behavior, height and length of the dog**

The Groomer

My name is Krista Olson and I am so very proud and thrilled to welcome you to my shop on wheels!   I've been grooming for 10 years, was trained by some pretty amazing professional groomers.  I love what I do!  I look forward to the opportunity to meet your furry family member and truly appreciate your business.


Krista Olson

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*Length of service times are approximate due to all coats being different, requiring different needs, based on condition of coat at time of grooming.

**If coat is extensively matted and requires extra time to groom, additional fees will be discussed and applied.