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*Length of service times are approximate due to all coats being different, requiring different needs, based on condition of coat at time of grooming.

**If coat is extensively matted and requires extra time to groom, additional fees will be discussed and applied.

NEW CLIENTS - a picture of current condition texted to me is required and GREATLY appreciated!

What I offer... aside from love and snuggles

I offer full-service grooming for dogs under 25 pounds using luxury shampoos and conditioners. Grooming consists of a bath and blow dry, brushing, haircutting, ear and teeth cleaning, and nail trimming.  I like to work at a relaxed pace with your pets in order to foster a trusting relationship with them.  With my online booking system you're able to see my availability when you pick the appropriate service that works best for you!  When you drop off your dog, I will perform a thorough check of your dogs skin, coat, ears, nails, and teeth before beginning the groom to let you know of anything I see, and will offer suggestions for their service. If I notice anything different after check-in while I'm grooming, rest assured I will keep in touch with you to let you know what I come across if anything needs attention.

My goal is to earn your trust and give you and your pet a wonderful experience.


10 years experience of grooming dogs with love and kindness

Just for Fun

Mini photoshoot after groom, holiday outfits, flowers and bows, treats!

Calm and Comfort

Essential Oils diffused in the air and relaxing music to create a zen-ful environment